About PWTC Hotels

Named for the Putra World Trade Centre that dominates the area and plays host to many of Asia's most important meetings and conferences, the PWTC area is one of KL's busiest and important areas. There is a wide variety of hotels in PWTC from the larger convention hotels to smaller budget hotels catering to local businessmen visiting the nearby Chow Kit area.

This area, named for the Putra World Trade Centre extends from Jln. Raja Laut on the east over to Jln. Ipoh on the north and Jln. Sultan Ismail to the south and with the popular Malay neighborhood of Chow Kit on the eastern side of Jln. Tuanku Abdul Rahman.

Chow Kit is a sub-district in central Kuala Lumpur. It is located around Jalan Chow Kit (Chow Kit Road) and is enclosed by the parallel streets of Jalan Raja Laut and Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman. It is named after the tin miner and municipal councillor Loke Chow Kit. Today the area features a large Indonesian community, and more recently, a small African community. It has a daily wet market known as Bazaar Baru Chow Kit which is definitely the largest wet market & a tourist attraction in Kuala Lumpur.

Hotels located in the PWTC/Chow Kit area are Cititel Express, City Villa, Grand Seasons Hotel, Hotel Grand Continental, Sunway Putra Hotel, Palace Hotel & Puteri Park Hotel.

PWTC Hotels

Hotel Name Prices Start From Instant Booking Click to See Details
Cititel Express Kuala Lumpur MYR 190.00 Cititel Express Kuala Lumpur Book Now View Details
City Villa Kuala Lumpur MYR 120.00 City Villa Kuala Lumpur Book Now View Details
Hotel Grand Continental Kuala Lumpur MYR 174.00 Hotel Grand Continental Kuala Lumpur Book Now View Details
Sunway Putra Hotel Kuala Lumpur MYR 280.00 Sunway Putra Hotel Kuala Lumpur Book Now View Details
Palace Hotel Kuala Lumpur MYR 140.00 Palace Hotel Kuala Lumpur Book Now View Details
Hotel Name Prices Start From Instant Booking Click to See Details
Cititel Express Kuala Lumpur MYR 190.00 Cititel Express Kuala Lumpur Book Now View Details

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